Our Vision
Our vision is to provide the most nurturing environment possible for children in our care while leading them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ which will enable them to be the very best in every area of their life spiritually, mentally and, physically.

Our Mission
Inspiring learning spiritually and educationally to develop the whole child is our focus.

Our Teaching Philosophy
Destiny Academy believes the first five years of childhood are the most important in development and learning. Our programs are to help children reach their fullest potential.

We believe that God is the source of all truth, and that education should have the Lord Jesus Christ as its foundation.
We believe that children should be taught respect and submission to delegated authority, and that disrespect and rebellion should be dealt with swiftly and firmly, but with love.

Destiny Creed
The greatest tragedy next to dying without God and without hope is to stand at the judgment day empty-handed, having lived in a world of sinner, without winning one person to Christ.

Now enrolling for all ages,
including the After School Program!

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